Why The Fudge?

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People can perceive life in many different ways depending on how they interpret what life is, which includes their own beliefs, values, culture and most significant their experiences. Those aspects of “their life, “have encouraged “their” development to become, “uniquely” who they are. However, there are specific experiences that may resonate to others and only them, because of their ingredients, i.e. beliefs, values, culture and experiences. These ingredients will in many different ways influence their growth and development. The flux in ingredients which is caused by what’s happening in the world around them, and how it is perceived can affect thinking, behavior, self-assessment, personal well-being and more. The ingredients of someone else’s life recipe could include or be missing the ingredient that make you, uniquely who you are. So… Let’s talk Fudge!

The Fudge in Fudgemental represents the ingredients or; the recipe that makes you who you are. The mental is simply the thought process that either moves you forward, pushes you back or keeps you at a plateau or stagnant. Everybody has a story. Your story is “your Fudge”. No matter how much ones Fudge recipe may have in common with another, the ingredients will in some way ALWAYS differ. The recipe is always subject to change. It can be tweaked or completely overhauled. This ability to change the ingredients of your recipe to keep it scrumptiously “you”, is the beauty of having your own recipe.

Everything about the way we think and the way we respond, is in many ways a recipe making us who we are and determining how we manage our lives. Even fudge that is created from the same batch will change according to its individual conditions.

So consider the sweet, sometimes sticky, unhealthy, energizing, sickening and/or delectable aspects of your life and check your recipe!

Here at Fudgemental, fudge is simply about how your recipe influences your thoughts, subsequent behaviors, your life and well being, and what you can learn about yourself and others that will help you understand, improve or change your recipe to achieve a sense of “self” and good Fudge!


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