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Until we agree to be responsible for the human race as a whole, simply because we are all members of it, there will always exist those who are disparaged by the extreme capitalistic mind-set of privilege and power. While the other extreme is the inaccessibility of many basic needs that as human beings, are necessary for survival but difficult to acquire.

According to Maslow (1908-1970) the immediate needs of food, water, shelter and safety must be achievable in order for one to feel a sense of well being. The perspective, by which Fudgemental was conceived, includes addressing basic needs; the need for psycho-education in order to better manage stressors and learn new or better coping skills that are associated with the absence or deficiency of ones basic needs. Unaddressed or unmanaged, the resulting stressors eventually become chronic, causing physiological disturbances and serious health issues.

A vicious cycle ensues. The basic needs cannot be met and professional mental health assistance in some cases is not affordable. The medical care that becomes necessary to manage the results of the stress is also, in some cases not affordable. Surviving becomes the focus of existence rather than living life to the fullest. No human being should simply exist, constantly in a struggle to meet their most basic needs.

The well organized, planned and practiced education that is necessary for mental health practitioners to become professional’s, requires extensive comprehension of the uniqueness of the “individual”, as well as the methods and techniques that are culturally appropriate, for helping people “as individuals”. Choosing to become a helping professional whether, mental health, medical, or social should not be pursued with the sole grandeur of prospering monetarily, but with the genuine intention of helping those in need. With all of the ethical codes and moral lessons that accompany the extensive education process of professional helpers, why does compensation appear to outweigh the need of so many, thereby facilitating neglect, of the most vulnerable?

Although the mental health community has been working diligently to incorporate cultural understanding and appropriate treatment in their practices, there are some populations who remain discouraged by historical mental health practices. The once very notable practices of mis-treating people of color, and/or not considering sexual orientation, age, disability, gender or the unique experiences of being “individual”. These very relevant and persistent issues have perpetuated enough skepticism about the therapy process and its potential benefits; not to be a consideration by some, whether affordable or not . The associated stigma of mental health assistance has also played a role in the lack of awareness of its benefits.

Therefore, in a society where a sense of well-being is most desirable by all; where wealth inevitably determines health, and knowledge is power… this website is dedicated to those, who in the face of deprivation, inconvenience, or distrust can feel welcome. Take advantage of the information, resources and education that have been prepared and provided as instruments for the achievement of self-awareness, personal well-being and personal development.

Take the opportunity to learn what the professionals learn about helping you, with the understanding and awareness that you could do it better.

Because of the enormous amount of educational material available on the web, at the library and donated by professionals, Fudgemental has created several individual sites in an effort to break it all up into bites-size chewable pieces. Join the community with the intention of thriving, and make it happen for yourself and others.


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